Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Skirmish Games

It has been awhile since I posted anything.  I have been gaming regularly however!  Mostly Frostgrave.  I've enjoyed it so much I painted up a new warband for it, to use when we reset the campaign in 2016.  This time, I will be playing a Summoner using some of the great Bosch-Breugel type demons by Eureka Miniatures.  Been meaning to paint them for some time now.  Also I have been meaning to paint 28mm Burgundians, based very precisely on specific members of my reenactment group, with the actual models primarily made from the Perry Bros. plastic 15th century kits.  So this is an excuse to do both.  I have spent my initial 500gc on 7 models, which is a bit on the small side for a warband but hopefully I can summon a demon to even things up in games.  Besides if the last campaign was anything to judge, it won't take long to save up enough gold to rapidly expand the warband.  Once again I will be refusing to reuse dead characters, and will paint new ones to replace casualties.

The initial 7 are painted, being a couple of 15th century civilians for the Summoner and Apprentice.  Then I have a coustillier, archer, and 3 pikemen kitted out to meet the equipment requirements for various soldier types in Frostgrave.  Eventualy I will expand this tiny warband into a 1,000 point army for Warhammer Ancient Battles, but all in good time. 

The fellow with the red spear has had a paper pennon added in the hours since the pictures were taken.  Next up I need to paint a couple imps, a demon and a greater demon, for summoning in games.  I'm psyched to have found nice late medieval demons for my late medieval psuedo-historical warband. 

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